Friday, December 19, 2008

Bye Bye World!!

Well this is the first update form the other side of the world.

Puerto Natales!

Lee and I arrived yesterday and today we did heaps of shopping and organizing. We are heading into the park tomorrow at 7.30 am and have enough food for 40 days. Yep 40 days camping under a 1200 meter tower. With our dream only 1 hour from base camp...
Hopefully it will only take us 4 days (max) to get all our stuff to base camp (3 monstor loads each!)
The plan is if the weather is ok to leave the ground before xmas and go big wall style over 15 days trying to free the thing.

We have some other routes we would like to try and climb but "Riders On The Storm" is calling.

We Both wish everyone a safe and merry xmas and new year. It will probably be a while till we make an update. But we will try to send an update through other climbers coming and going from base camp.

Take care!

Jake and Lee

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