Friday, November 28, 2008

5 Quick Questions.

Jake to Lee.

Lee, your monkey tail made it to Yosemite is it heading to Patagonia? If so why?

Good question, I think it will have to. I find it gives me that little bit extra, when I have it with me I'm more in touch with my animal instincts and can go that bit further.

How are you going to deal with hanging out with a Tasmanian that has two heads for 15 days on a wall?

This will be tricky and probably the crux of the trip but I do have a few tricks up my sleeve to keep him in line.

Is it true that you have been holding snow balls for long durations and growing a large amount of facial hair in preparation for this trip?


If you could go anywhere in the world to try any climb where would you go?

Probably have to be Patagonia to try Riders on the Storm. What a legendary route, to go and see for myself the vision those guys had back then would be a dream come true.

Will you get love sick??

I get love sick not going places like that!

Lee to Jake.

Why Riders?

Roaring rock avalanches, chopped and frozen fixed ropes, iced up rock, sitting for hours at stances and getting hypothermia. That's why!!!

Does a route put up by Wolfgang have more appeal?

Totally. It puts the icing on the cake.

Favorite ice-cream?


Where did you learn to climb snow and ice?

Over the phone from you, but you told me you'd never done it......

I heard you put up a classic new off-width at Ben Lommond recently, how do you feel about being sent up the icy grade 26 off-width pitch first?

What goes around my friend comes around. I think they call this karma. Maybe you will some how get to lead pitch 18 (the Scary when icy!!! Funnel of doom!)

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